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this naruto rpg is 5000 years into the future from when naruto is hokage
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 The clans bio

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PostSubject: The clans bio   The clans bio EmptyFri Mar 20, 2009 6:52 pm

Ok so the Arai clan has been around since naruto was hokage.
some studied under the great hokage
others studied on how to improve their techniques.
Some have been born with both water and wind elements.
The clan has a kekei genkai which is an eye technique
It looks like sharingan only instead of red its blue and it has the ability to slow time
The eye is called Aoikaji (like how the uchiha's eye name is sharingan)

Tomoe lvl 1 : slows time a little
Tomoe lvl 2 : slows time a little more and gives brief glimpses of future attacks (doesnt always work)
Tomoe lvl 3 : slows time down a little more and better rate of future attacks

(the more advanced eye looks (like Mangekyou sharingans look) does have a higher ability ill work on it later)

since the clan has been trained under naruto some clan mebers thought it fit to pass on what they were taught
(ex: kage bushin no jutsu rasengan etc.)
(so it is possible to learn them)

Also The moon affects the person's strength and stats

(by like 1 or 2 #'s depending on Dawn's decision)
(strength is affected for all of them)

New Moon- Normal
waxing Crescent - has a little more stamna
first quarter - Has increased speed
Waxing gibbous - Chakra
Full Moon - Everything
Waning Gibbous- Taijutsu
Third Quarter- Ninjutsu
waning crescent- Genjutsu

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The clans bio
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