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this naruto rpg is 5000 years into the future from when naruto is hokage
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 dawn uchiha

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dawn/raven uchiha
dawn/raven uchiha

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PostSubject: dawn uchiha   dawn uchiha EmptyThu Mar 19, 2009 12:28 am

Character Template:

Name:dawn raven uchiha
Provide A full Name

higher then 12

Bio:dawn was a very poor child who came from the uchiha clan he had no firends at all he was allways treated like a monster he had noone but his best friend his mum died when he was born and his father had to look afther him but afther 13 years were over his dad died in a war agaisnt the sand village.dawn then had noone left 1 year had past and he still had no friends untill one day when a kid was falling off a ride which was 45 feet off the ground as that boy fell while dawn looked up and saw his falling as dawn jumped from tree to tree catching him from the fall as the boy was very greatful while dawn found his 1st friend whos name was steven.

dawn was 15 when the uchiha clan leader saw talent in dawn when dawn had a spar with steven as the uchiha leader put dawn in line for the uchiha clan leader spot as dawn has a very very bright future ahead of him

Appearance:look at my avi

Attitude:dawn acts kind but sometimes can be very harsh but most of the times hes kind and enjoys fighting but if he loses his next step is to train harder and try beat that person who beat him
Explain how your character acts

Stats(stats 1-100, genin max starting; 30):
must put in your signature

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dawn uchiha
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