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this naruto rpg is 5000 years into the future from when naruto is hokage
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 C Rank Missions

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Snake Demon/Admin/Genin
Snake Demon/Admin/Genin

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C Rank Missions Empty
PostSubject: C Rank Missions   C Rank Missions EmptyFri Mar 27, 2009 6:25 am

The C Rank missions are for Genin in squads or Chuunin and above. In order to participate in Chuunin exams you will need to have 1 of these done.

List Of Missions:
(Warning, doing team missions means splitting money)

Inspect the mines
Description:There has been explosive tags placed inside the mines. Go there and get the explosive tags out of there before it is too late. Note:Explosive tags can be deactivated by water.
Ryo:80for every tag.(only 2)
Post Min:2 pages on looking for the tags and getting everybody out.

Body guard Bridge Builder
Description:A bridge builder needs to be bodyguarded from bandits on his way back to his home land. The Lightning Village. Protect him from any dangers.
Post Min:7 1 paragrap posts by each and also inculde dialogue with the bridge builder.

New transportation
Description: A new thing is out called a train. it moves from one place to another faster then boat or carriage, but the builders are in very dangerouse territory, it is mating season for the large Apes. these things have the strength of a village jonin, but are very slow and dumb. it is illegal to kill them, but keep the rail workers safe
Post Min: have a 5 paragraph post minimum, of them building in each area, and have at least 2 monkey fights.

Tell me MORE jokes
Description: this kid just cant get over his friend. he was fine after the first visit but now the kids make fun of him. first you need to find the run away grandson and then get him to laugh using at least 10 jokes (The admin must find some humor in at least 70% of the jokes)
Post Min:1 paragraph finding him, then however long it takes to make him laugh (mod is the kid)

C Rank Missions A0a1607 - Faita
C Rank Missions Ceea706 - Zalos

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C Rank Missions
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