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this naruto rpg is 5000 years into the future from when naruto is hokage
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 B Rank Missions

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Snake Demon/Admin/Genin

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B Rank Missions Empty
PostSubject: B Rank Missions   B Rank Missions EmptyFri Mar 27, 2009 6:25 am

The B Rank missions are for Chuunin in squads or Jônin and above. In order to participate in Jônin exams you will need to have 1 of these done.

List Of Missions:
(Warning, doing team missions means splitting money)

Description:There was a note left with a peasent stating he would be dead within an hour. You need to protect him until something happens, the only problem is that it has been a few hours, and you are tired
Points: 4
Ryo: 140
Post Min: Fight an admin without using any ninjutsu.

Travel Protection
Description: Protect a Hot client, Not sexy, Hot as in WANTED by a bandit group known to leave no survivors
Points: 4
Ryo: 150
Post Min: Fight an admin and do 3, 50 word posts on how you travel through each village. (Travel through 3 villages, and there will be a fight at each one)

Do you fear the reaper?
Description:A man is Dying in bed, and his only hope is a medicine found only in the village next to you. The problem is the order that you put out never arrived. Go find that Medicine, no matter what
Points: 3 OR 4
Ryo: 145
Post Min: Must have either a 200 Word post on how you found the medicine, OR battel an admin.

B Rank Missions A0a1607 - Faita
B Rank Missions Ceea706 - Zalos

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B Rank Missions
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